Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I know...

It's been a while huh? I have had great hopes of keeping up with my blog more but life has been busy and bustling. It is just finally starting to settle into a routine for my big kindergartner.
Isn't he delicious? Look at those blue eyes! He loves school just like I knew he would. But finding a normal routine for me and Slobber Rocket has been slow going. I think we are finally getting there. We do errands and work out in the morning then lunch at home, nap, pick up Super Muscles from school. It has been great getting back to lots of time with the little brother.

I have also been kind of sick. Well, you know. Whatever. When am I completely well? Ha! But my hands and feet have been very numb and I have been having some weakness in my right arm, dizziness, extreme fatigue, loss of memory and coordination. So I had to go back to my Neurologists for more MRIs and tests. My neuro test was much worse this time with ataxia and over reactive reflexes in my legs and under active in my right arm. I have some sensory issues too. Cant feel my fingers and toes and under responsive to certain stimuli. Balance issues. The good news is that I am finally starting to feel a bit better. The bad news is that I am inching closer and closer to a definitive MS diagnosis. I have a couple more tests in October that will hopefully solidify a diagnosis (because there is no eliminating it and not knowing what is officially going on kind of stinks). Right now I am diagnosed as "probable MS". Thankfully my MRI is revealing some answers. I have kept up with working out throughout this flare and have lost no strength and that is how I plan to roll. Keep on keepin' on. Go about my life and make the best of it. Some days are daunting thinking about the future but there is no way to know how the disease will progress and taking care of my body will help me stay strong, active and mobile.

With that said, on Sunday, I am going to be participating in the "Walk MS" event in my town. I was encouraged to get out in the community and meet people who are experiencing the same things. So... ya know, I decided to go for it. My therapist will be proud of me for doing something so decidedly social :P. So if you could, would you consider donating to the NMSS to fund research and resources for MS? It would mean a lot to me.


I will update about Africa soon! I am getting my vaccines next week and we are about to send in for our visas. WoW! Very excited.

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