Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why don't you give your kids juice?

And you can fill in juice with any sweet you could possibly think of and I have been asked it. The biggest one is juice though because juice is "healthy" right? Family, friends, and acquaintances alike all ask me this question and so I just wanted to take some time to explain why I don't let my children have juice.

1) TEETH- Juice is just not very good for your teeth. It can cause tooth decay and cavities. Even aside from what is called bottle rot, juice is responsible for numerous tooth problems. The internets is full of information on this and it is also information I have received from dentists, dental hygienists, and moms of kiddos who have had cavities from juice. Furthermore, 3 yr olds stink at brushing their teeth and though I go over his teeth after he has made a noble effort, I would just rather not chance it.

2) OBESITY- sugary drinks are unnecessary calories in our kids diets. They can very easily trick us into overfeeding our kids or our children can decide that they are so yummy that it is the only drink they want. Apple juice has about 120 calories a serving and grape juices can pack in anywhere between 160-200 calories. We can compare both of those with one serving of soda which contains about 100 calories (soda has NO redeeming qualities though whereas juice contains some nutrients and vitamins) and see how easy it is to fill our kids up on drink instead of nutritional food. Water has no calories and leaves children to draw their nutrition and calories from food and it also helps the body filter more efficiently. Although slightly outdated, this article, explains in detail why doctors actually think that juice is contributing to obesity. Check out the AAPs recommendation on fruit juice. For children 1-6 yr old, no more than 6 oz of juice is suggested in a day.

3) DIGESTION- this particularly pertains to us because Super Muscles does not digest sugar well. I give him treats in moderation but any sugary drink gives him the runs (TMI, I know). But it is a common thing for many children who drink juice.

4) FRUIT packs the same punch (actually MORE) and teaches better habits. Children can get the even greater benefits (more nutrients come from the fruit itself and is not lost in processing) and no potential hazards from just eating fruit. Whole fruit is also much easier to digest than juice (which is good news for Super Muscles). Here is an article that explains it pretty well.

I realize that fruit juice is heavily marketed as a nutritious and healthy drink for children but I would urge you to do some research and come to your own conclusions. These are the conclusions that work for our family (and SMs tummy). If you decide that juice is a good supplemental fruit product in your childs diet, please review the AAPs recommendations for yourself. I also want to add that you can make fruit juice or smoothies out of whole fruit at home that are delicious and retain a vast majority of the nutrients in fruit without the sugar or extra calories. I like to make fruit smoothies using fruit, plain yogurt and a bit of honey (if I use tart fruits).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More visiting family

When we got to Evansville, we relaxed a bit. Did the whole nap thing and all that... My older brother and I went to lunch while the boys napped. It was nice to get to spend a bit of time with him that wasn't interrupted by children. Later that evening we took the big kids to the mall to get clothes for the photo shoot. That was an adventure. Thankfully the mall was not too busy! The boys got to run around a lot and had a blast playing with each other. SM had a bit of an accident at the mall because he is really afraid of public restrooms. It was his 3rd accident of the day. Traveling really threw him off!

Tuesday was more fun with Jr and Super Muscles! They had so much fun together. They played and played and played some more. They even both fell out pretty early on the couch bed together. Tuesday was also the day we did pictures. So most of the day was dominated by playing and pictures.

On Wed. my mom and I took Super Muscles and Slobber Rocket to the Children's Museum of Evansville. SM had fun but he was only entertained for about an hour. Really, I didn't think it was particularly worth the $6/person we paid for it. Esp since my mom ended up rocking the baby in the cry room most of the time (he did not sleep well until Wed. night). But, it was good indoor fun (since the heat index was 103 or so of stupid humid heat) that got us through the morning since I had to tell the 3 yr old no to swimming and it was too hot to go to the zoo. Anyway, it was clean and the staff was nice... but, it did not hold my sons attention for very long. Here are some pictures though!Super Muscles also had a blast making a castle with Papaw one morning!

Tomorrow... Slobber Rocket meets lots of family :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Took a trip to visit family... LOTS of pictures

And more nicknames I suppose (for my niece and nephew).

We took a little trip down to Southern Indiana to visit my family while Mr Wonderful was away in Ohio at a conference. I really did not want to take care of the boys all week alone. The drive down was painful. Pee accidents, screaming, no bathrooms to stop at on 63. Super Muscles almost made me turn around and go home out of fear of what the week would hold for us. He was not the best traveler. So a lot of the trip the car was filled with two small children screaming.

But, thankfully, when we got to Mimi and Papaw's things got much better. SM was very glad to see his grandparents and his cousins and uncles. He behaved very well for most of the trip (we had one kind of rough morning) and we had a good time. We also got all 4 of the kids together for a photo shoot at Sears and it went very well. Four children 3 and under... yea, it went fabulously.
And honestly... those are only mostly my faves. lol. My niece, "Baby Girl", was hammin it up the whole time. The photographer got a lot of great shots of her. And Super Muscles and my nephew, "Jr." (that boy is the spitting image of my brother), make me beam in that last picture. It is them. They are best buds. They really have lots of fun together and I can see them teeing off in 20 years together, dressed similarly and laughing about frat parties and that silly walking class they have to take to graduate.

I have more about the trip but I will continue in another post :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Just want to wish Mr. Wonderful a Happy Fathers Day! Sadly, he is on his way to Ohio today to go to a spectroscopy conference. Sounds fun right? Anyway, back to the Daddy stuff. My kids have the best dad I could have possibly hoped for. I am so proud of the man my husband shows my boys how to be. He treats people well, is loving toward his children, disciplines the big kid when he needs correction and is just... overall an incredible role model. I love him, I love the dad he is. One song that reminds me of him anytime I hear it is called "Safe and Sound" by Matthew West because Mr. Wonderful definitely protects our family and it was instantaneous. It just became a part of him the first time he held our oldest son. He makes my children feel incredibly safe and helps Super Muscles overcome his fears. He provides consistency and stability and would want nothing more than to teach them 'why we pray'.

Can’t believe you’re here now
Tiny dream come true
The answer to a prayer now
I’m so in love with you
Couldn’t wait to meet you
Hope you like your name
I get the funny feeling
Life will never be the same

Safe and sound
You’re here with me now
Like I hoped you’d be
Safe and sound
You’re here with me now
And that’s all I’ll ever need

The world’s a scary place here
But baby it’s alright
I’ll make sure the coast is clear
So you can just sleep tight
But if you’re afraid of monsters
Like everybody is
I’ll be right beside you
Closer than a kiss

Safe and sound
I’m here with you now
And you will always be
Safe and sound
I’m here with you now
And that’s all you’ll ever need

Someday I’m gonna teach you
The reason why we pray
So that heaven’s love may reach you
Every single day
So, baby close your eyes now
And say a prayer with me
Lord, I lay me down to sleep now
But I know I will be

Safe and sound
You’re here with us now
And we will always be
Safe and sound You’re here with us now
And that’s all we’ll ever, all we’ll ever need
You’re all we’ll ever need

Also, I want to say Happy Father's Day to my Dad... the dad that met my mom when I was about 8 years old, married her and then tried his hardest to be what was missing in my life and my brothers' lives. You are a good man Dad and I am thankful you are in my life.

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there. I hope you know how important you are in the lives of your children. From a girl that grew up for quite a while with out a "daddy", I can assure you that you are one of the most important influences in their lives.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sex Ed in school

I was just reading a message board I visit frequently called 'hot topics' on Babyzone. The discussion was about Sex Ed in school. The banter, as usual, goes back and forth between those who think abstinence only is the way to teach children and that kids need to have all available information on sex and how to make good choices (you know, Birth control, condoms, STDs, watching women writhe in pain through labor).

One woman was recounting a story that just made me crack up. She said that her high school sex ed teacher told their class that there was a 'secret' way to avoid pregnancy and it only cost a penny. The girls in the class were really curious at this and asked the teacher what she was talking about and she said "Take a penny, put it between your knees, and keep it there!"... bwahaha... that cracked me up.

All I know is what was done with me and how I interpreted the information given to me. My mom always answered any and all questions I had about sex simply and truthfully, I had sex education, and I personally valued my virginity. I was a virgin until I got married. The way things were handled with me worked out perfectly. I don't anticipate an abstinence only mantra in our home either. I will tell my children my beliefs about marriage and sex and I will always answer their questions honestly (that is why my 3 yr old knows that girls pee out of a urethra... though when he says it, it sounds like "Aretha"). I hope to have an open dialogue with my children where they can ask me anything and know without a doubt that I will be honest with them. I will tell them about birth control and std prevention and I will tell them any and all details about childbirth they want to know. I also plan to teach them the emotional and social ramifications of having sex before you are ready (which means married to me). Ultimately it is up to my children to determine their own morals. I pray for them all the time. That they love God and value the things He values. I also pray that their father and I set great examples for them as parents (which on this particular issue, we have). And, if they are REALLY lucky, I might tell their girlfriends to hold a penny between their legs :)

I also wanted to add... I don't care if sex ed is in school or not. We need to take back moral education from schools and begin to teach our children ourselves. Letting the school teach everything hasn't turned out too well for my generation in my honest opinion...

So, if you want to share, how do you plan to teach your children?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cuteness abounds

Just really wanted to play with laying out my pages. i took a fair few pictures today so I am going to fart around with them a bit :) To the left are my two very hand some sons playing together on the floor. I was taking pictures of Slobber Rocket and Super Muscles just HAD to jump in and be in one. It is an excellent example of how grabby SR is lately.

And here is my little cutie playing in his saucer for the 2nd time in his life. Notice the blankets behind him... He is too skinny/small yet to be in the saucer with out a bit of cushion behind him. He has great balance but if he gets excited and bounces, he has a big gap behind him. Me and my thin kiddos.

Here is fire fighter Super
Muscles at the safety
fair a while ago. He was too afraid of the potential of sirens going off to get near the firetruck so I could take a picture.

And last but not least... a very cute cheesy face :)

PS.. I want to apologize to anyone using Internet Explorer... this post looks like a jumbled mess on that browser but looks fine on firefox. I don't know how to fix it at the moment but I will come back to it soon... Too tired right now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

In case you care, haha. I thought it would be fun to do a post full of some of my favorite things. Stuff I use daily with my children or around my house and things I just... like, with pictures of course.

1) My favorite carrier is my half buckle tai from Two Mommas Designs. Best suited for slightly older babies (I used a sling until Slobber Rocket was 3 mos old), it had everything I was looking for and was a price I could afford without too much guilt. Best of all, Tracy and Amanda are amazing to work with. They made me a custom carrier and let me send the fabric straight to them. I can carry the baby forwards and backwards in front and can easily carry him on my back too. I like the half buckle because the waste is padded but I like the versatility of the traditional top straps. I wore the baby exclusively in Chicago and it was comfortable and I was glad not to be lugging a stroller around. If you click the picture below, you can see the carrier in greater detail. It is beautiful and made just for me!
2) Favorite Diaper Award goes to... Bum Genius. I love the all in ones and the one sized. I use so many types of diapers on the baby that it is unreal but if my BGs are clean, they are what I reach for first. Here is my baby in his PINK diaper. I love this pic :) As far as disposables are concerned, I really like Meijer generics called Drybabies. I hate paying for diapers though and prefer using cloth but we do use drybabies at night and they work very well and are 6.99 for 48 size 2s.

3) Favorite blog... hands down, Jennifer's blog My Charming Kids. I follow quite a few blogs and really like to keep up with my friends daily lives as well. But Mckmama's blog would be the blog I picked if I could only read one blog a day. As an aside: my friends that blog need to blog more often. Your blog would quickly climb the list of my faves if there were more updates ;)

4) Favorite cleaning product... well, those of you who know me know I don't LIKE to clean but I think the best cleaning products are the kind you can make with non-toxic ingredients right out of your kitchen cabinets. So vinegar is a great cleaning agent. You can make all kinds of cleaning products cheaply (and... as an added bonus they won't hurt your kids). Here is a Vinegar Tips website to help you figure out cleaning with vinegar.

5) Best blog for learning how to save money is by far my friend Shawna's blog. That girl rarely pays for anything. She can teach you the couponing ropes. Check out her site and ask her questions. She is more than willing to help you out! And, I actually KNOW Shawna. I know, I know... surprising right?

6) My favorite cereal of all times... Fruit and Yogurt Special K... to buy this stuff is to become addicted. Trust me. If you want to try it, wait until it goes on sale and find a coupon (Shawna could probably point you in the right direction for the coupon ;)) When it is on sale, I buy 3 boxes, but that is just me.

7) Favorite car seat for a 3 yr old... Graco Nautilus. It is fabulous, easy to install, harnesses to 65 lbs, comparatively inexpensive. I got mine for $119 thanks to Joanna who often clues me into the deals she hears about at Baby Cheapskate.
I promise, Super Muscles has undies on :) This is obviously before it was installed into our car. I was checking to make sure the straps were at the right height and that everything was functioning properly.

I am really considering this car seat for Slobber Rocket when he needs a convertible seat. It also harnesses to 65 lbs but can be used rear facing as well (the Nautilus is ONLY a forward facing car seat).

8) Favorite Charity goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have a friend who has a child Super Muscles age with CF. Any money donated goes straight to research to help Super Muscles friend live a healthier and longer life. CF also does not get much government money so any research done relies heavily on charitable donations.

9) Favorite Sports teams: The Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Cubs, Ball State Cardinals, Fighting Illini, Tennessee Lady Vols, UK... we, by far, enjoy football the most though. I used to play basketball and really love the sport as well.

10) Favorite baby accessory: It is probably a tie between Babylegs and hair clippies, bows and hats for Briar.Claire (they give a generous portion of their proceeds to charity often). Wow, if I had a daughter, I would have even less money that I do now. Mr. Wonderful would have to drag me out of the stores kicking and screaming. That is my sweet Slobber Rocket in some fabulous Babylegs sent by our good friend TK. And thankfully I have no pictures of my sons in hair clippies :)

If you want to know any of my other favorites feel free to ask... I will tell you because I am cool like that!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For today... it's the sweet life!

Sometimes, lets face it, children act like rugrats and make you wonder why on earth you were crazy enough to have one... or more. They hide in the bathroom and eat the fluoride toothpaste right out of the tube (that really happened today,... but the rest of the day was so good that it just didn't even overshadow the good). And then, there are days like today when you realize you have the best children ever (I know, every parent has the best children ever).

Today was great. Super Muscles was absolutely fabulous. Slobber Rocket didn't eat every 2 minutes and napped well and was in a rather fun mood. And... we had loads of kid style fun.

First, I am getting better at shopping with 2 small children. We went to meijer today and I got done and the groceries put away, start to finish, in an hour and a half. For those who must know... I wear the baby and put the 3 yr old in the cart. Works wonderfully and Super Muscles and the baby face each other... instant entertainment for both. AND... strawberries and blueberries were priced well today so SM was very very happy that he got both of his favorite fruits in the same week. I know, my kid is easily pleased.

Then we headed over to the park for some sprinkler fun. I have taken the 3 yr old every summer we have lived here and he has never liked the sprinklers but he played in them happily today. I don't even think he noticed that other children he knew were there. lol. And we had lunch with friends in the park. SM ate about a pint of his favorite fruits... SM peed on a tree because he hates public bathrooms and was quite impressed with himself and our exit was tantrum free. The baby loved being held by friends and very nearly fell asleep at the park.

Next, everyone took naps... ME included. Though, my nap was only 45 minutes but it was a well needed rest!

We got up and Super Muscles and I made cookies for a snack and then we watched cars!

For dinner, I had Super Muscles help me make pizza. It is by far his favorite meal to help me make. I love making pizza with him because he enjoys cooking so much. I took a video of him topping the pizza... it is LONG (7 minutes) but I figured I would attach it for my family who don't get to see him often. He is rather cute and I know our family loves to watch him. I am going to have to try the video another time... uploading failed... here is a pic of him with the finished project to tie you over ;)

Then we played. Super Muscles ate toothpaste and had to sit on his bed (he lied to me and told me he had to potty then snuck out the toothpaste and ate it...) BUT that was the only time today we even had a punishment/negative consequence. It was a fabulous day!

I am so glad to get to stay home with my sons. It is a giant sacrifice and some days I am dog tired by the end of the day. But days like today make me realize it is 100% worth it and that I benefit from it as much as they do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The JOY of a low sugar diet.

Tonight we all went to our church softball games. Mr. Wonderful played at 7 on the men's team and I played at 8 on the competitive co-rec team. Both teams won! Wee. Seriously, I am crazy competitive. I don't like losing so this will make for a happy evening and tomorrow in our home.

Anyway, after the game we decided to hit dairy queen for an ice cream treat. Problem... it was after 9 which is well after Super Muscles bed time. And, we don't give SM much sugar at all. So, this is what I did. It was pretty genius. We went to DQ and I went in and ordered 2 small shakes (for me and Daddy, of course) and an ice water for the 3 yr old. I got to the car and handed MW his shake and went around the back and gave SM his water. His face lit up, he was so excited. I know right, he is pretty easy to please. He happily sipped his ice water on the way home, all the while oblivious to the fact that his parents had ice cream. THEN when we got home... Dad went around the side of the car to unbuckle SM and he told Dad that his ice water was "very tasty". When we got inside, I even let him put the water he had left into the fridge so he can continue the fun in the morning when he remembers that his delicious treat is in there. Somehow, I don't think that will work when he is 6. What do you think?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Slobber Rocket is... a girl? nah!

The other day we took the boys to a tiny little softball field so we could have a practice game with another church. Fun times! I had Slobber Rocket in my favorite outfit ever and you can say what you want about it but I love it. Plus, I only have like 2 yrs to dress my children in whatever I want to dress them in. Big boy is beyond wearing what mommy likes so now I take it out on the baby. Anyway here is what he wore.
But seriously, you don't get the full cuteness of this outfit until you see the butt of the outfit. I will show you what I mean.
Anyway, seriously cute! Mr. Wonderful HATES when I put our boy in his sheep onesie (with a tail) and leg warmers. Hates it. He said its because he looks like a girl. I didn't believe him at all. Because what girl wears blue from head to toe and mega cute brown and blue babylegs? I don't know any. So we took them to the softball field and our friend M is there (I kid you not... this woman has kids MY age and she looks like shes 25. Just so you know). Now, we haven't known M for long so I will cut her some slack. My son is nearly always dressed in yellow or green. Its a product of not knowing his gender until I was 35 weeks pregnant. So we were talking about his outfit and she calls HIM "girlfriend" and then "little mama"... Ouch! So, I guess MW is right and we need to retire the lamb onesie. But I don't wanna... it is SO darn cute.

In other, equally important news. I am beyond devastated that MW's shoes did not make the wbgl dad wearing something that needs to be retired contest. Check them out...Yea, that is his foot hanging out of the shoe. And if you look at the back foot.. he has dog poo on it I think. I'm pretty sure but I can't put them in the washer because they would disintegrate into nothing. Yea, they stay in the utility room and thankfully he only wears them to mow the grass in and do other various yard work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random experience in Chicago

I have writers block but I know if I don't write about something I won't make myself be in the habit of writing on here so I am going to share a very brief experience in Chicago.

We got to Chicago on Monday and when we got to Union Station we went straight to grab some food and blow a bit of time before we could check into our hotel. When I sat down, I saw a man begging for money. Not something you experience often in Chambana but it is something I have seen a bit too closely before. So he comes over to us and I talk to him for a moment, explain to him that we don't generally carry cash and ask him if I can buy him a meal instead (I don't like to give people cash anyway but that's a different topic). We get up to the hot dog place and I tell him to get whatever he would like to eat. He got a decent amt of food. Would have easily fed me for 2 or 3 meals (I hope it fed him for a couple of meals too) and I went to pay and my card was declined. It was pretty embarrassing. So I tried my credit card... declined. So then I tried Mr. Wonderful's debit... DECLINED. I was horribly annoyed and red-faced at the experience. I had just used my debit card at the place I had gotten my own food. I knew that MW had a $20 in his wallet so I finally walked across the cafeteria and got that from him so I could pay for this food. Seriously... I just kept thinking about what the woman taking my order must have been thinking about me as she slid three of my cards and all of them got denied. I was also wondering is someone stole my identity or if I didn't remember a big bill being auto-withdrawled. It all worked out in the end. He got a nice hot meal and I called my bank the next morning to figure out what the heck was going on. Apparently 3rd party transactions through a bank in the area had been forbidden for my banks cardholders. It was a protection thing because some security problems were going on in that bank with their customers and stuff.

But this experience taught me something. I guess I relearned something because I grew up realizing it was true but somewhere along the line I just got desensitized and overly optomistic in my own life. That man, in Union Station, who was begging for change to get something to eat could be any of us. As it turns out, this man had recently been in and out of the hospital on top of being homeless because he has gout. He showed me his legs and explained to me some of the treatment he had recently gotten to try and help him feel better. It was quite sad. That could be any of us. Any one of us could have medical problems that eats our income up and causes us to be in such need of help. Any one of us could have our identity stollen while we are away and be in need of help until we can get it worked out. There are so many things that could happen to make us need things, as seemingly simple, as food and shelter. I felt like, in this instance, I needed to help him. There was just something compelling me to help him. That "still, small voice" pushing me to make sure he got lunch on that Monday afternoon. And through the frustration of not having my own money working, I had to find a way to help him and I am very glad I did. I really learned some things about myself and about helping others through that experience. I am glad I didn't ignore what I felt was right to do. I would have really missed an opportunity to share love and kindness with someone and also the opportunity to experience real gratitude for something we often take for granted. You know how people say "God is good" and then someone else will reply "all the time" (if you don't maybe its just a Baptist thing. lol)... well, sometimes God can be good to someone through our obedience. I guess that was my overarching lesson through that experience. I want to be a person who is used to help others, I really do.

On a much less serious note...
This morning me and Super Muscles were getting ready to go to the store to get some ingredients we needed to make a friend who just had surgery a meal (never fear, we took Slobber Rocket along too). So SM is running through the house naked looking for clothes... yea I let him pick his own clothes most of the time and yea he looks goofy most of the time... and I notice him playing with his penis. So I say to him, "SM could you please stop playing with your penis". He looked at me straight in the eye like he was brilliant and said "well, I will just go into my bedroom and shut the door so I can keep playing with it". Okay then!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photos of our trip...

Slobber Rocket waiting for the train to Chicago.
This is what a lot of the trip looked like for him. Rubbing his achy ears. We actually stayed in most of the day Wed so he could rest since he didn't seem to feel to well Tues. night and Wed morning.
Monday night at the White Sox game... this is one of the 2 pictures we got of all three of us.
View from Monday night's seats.
View from our window of Michigan AveSome of our suite in Downtown Chicago (thanks Tracee for helping us get a great price on a hotel room... you are the best :))Kitchen and you can see the bedroom kind of behind it. This hotel room was bigger than our apartment in Muncie. On Tuesday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was really cool. We loved the U-505 exhibit. All about WWII and Mr Wonderful really enjoyed all the computer science and technology exhibits. I liked the electric train. It was huge and their were scaled models of huge cities around it. Pretty cool. This is the evening SR started to feel really yucky so we stayed in that evening and had Chinese and watched baseball. It took ages to get the sicky baby to sleep so we stayed in most of Wed. as well. We ventured out at about lunchtime for some shopping for yet another hat and a warm blanket for the baseball game. We got lunch at a hole in the wall called Max's. DELICIOUS greasy burgers and fries. And then we went to another baseball game. It was COLD... and we had to have SR bundled up 100% of the time but it was fun...

View of the city on our way up to the upper section seating at Wed nights Sox game.
Me and the baby. I LOVE my half buckle mei tai. It was the best thing ever for a few days of hardcore walking.View of Wed night's game.
How the baby spent wed night's game. He was by far the warmest person in the stadium. Everyone else was forced to freeze their butts off in 45 degree JUNE weather. WTH?The obligatory picture of us in the reflection of the bean. We spent Thursday morning just roaming around Millennium Park and downtown. We had to find something cool for Super Muscles before we came home.
The other okay picture of the 3 of us as taken by some sweet woman who knew very very little English. We took a picture of her too. It worked out nicely.
My very favorite picture of the trip. 2/3 of my handsome family of guys. We were at Starbucks hanging out and drinking some coffee concoction (Well... Mr Wonderful was, I had ice water)
And lastly, a cool picture of downtown from the Canal Walk.

We had lots of fun but didn't get to do nearly all that we wanted to do because of the sick baby. We have already decided a child-free trip will be in order when the nursling is no longer a nursling.